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How does the VTX-100 compare to other transmitters ?
The output power of the VTX-100 into 50 ohms is 21 dBm +/- 2dBm, approximately 100 mW. The output stage has been carefully engineered to optimize the effective radiated power. The current draw is less than 280 mA at 12 VDC while still outputting a clean video image with low spurious emissions on sideband frequencies.

What is the operating range of the transmitter ?
With clean line-of-sight the VTX-100 provides a good image up to 100 meters, or 325 feet. As with all video transmitters, the range is affected by congestion in the local RF environment, and getting the best arrangement for the transmit and receiver antenna.

"I see ghosts"…or 'How can I improve the picture ?
#1 - If you have interference from a local TV station, or other RF source on or near the same frequency as the one you are using, try changing the VTX-100 up or down by 5 or more TV channels.

#2 - Move the VTX-100 to create the best line-of-sight between the transmitter antenna and whatever you are using to receive the signal. Whenever possible, put the VTX-100 on top of the camera or Steadicam with the output antenna above the mag, or other obstacles - including people. If you are using Log Period (Shark Fin) antenna, keep the cable excess to a minimum since long runs cause a significant loss in performance.

Does a specific antenna really improve transmission ?
Yes, it really does. If you use an antenna specifically for the channel on which you set the VTX-100, you will see improved transmission characteristics with respect to range and image quality. We can provide a spare SMA straight antenna for each VTX-100 so you can customize the length for a favorite TV channel in your area. We recommend the Remote Audio SMA antenna kit.

There are a selection of directional Log Periodic antenna (*sometimes called Shark Fin) available from Custom Interface Technologies, Lectrosonics, Professional Sound Corp., Sennheiser and other manufacturers that can be used to improve reception.


Will the VTX-100 transmit on "cable" channels ?
The VTX-100 transmits on UHF channels from TV 14 - 69, which provides you with a wide range of options. For example, if the sound mixer has a block of audio wireless in TV channel 21 or 25, you can switch to TV 30. If the B-camera has a TV 30 transmitter, you can switch to TV 35 or above.


Does a higher voltage from the battery improve the signal ?
Power coming into the VTX-100 is inverted down to 8 volts DC and then regulated down further to 5 volts for logic circuits etc. This means the VTX-100 operates consistently throughout the range of battery performance, regardless if it is a 12 volt battery that starts at 15.5 volts but drops down to below 11 volts, or a 30 volt battery that comes off the charger at a hot 35 volts and finally ends up at 28 volts or less.

What happens if the transmitter gets reverse polarity DC ?
The VTX-100 will not power up if fed reverse polarity DC power, but then again it won't be a smoke show for your effects crew either. If you have cables that you aren't sure about, check them with a continuity tester against the diagram in our Operator's Manual before plugging them in.

Why are pin #3 & #5 both wired to receive DC power ?
Modulus 2000 & 3000 transmitters used pin #3 for 12 VDC power and pin #5 for 24 VDC on the 6-pin Hirose connector. We made the VTX-100 accept 10 to 36 VDC on either pin so you could use Arri or Panavision cables wired for the Modulus. It is not necessary to wire any new cables for both pins #3 & #5.

Does the transmitter get hot if used for hours at a time ?
The VTX-100 is very efficient at inverting the DC fed power into the circuitry, and also at sending it out as a video signal, which reduces waste - otherwise known as 'heat'. The VTX-100 does get warm, but you can't fry eggs on it.


What if my VTX-100 stops working ?
Quite often an intermittent or mis-wired cable is the source of many headaches, which is why we always ask you to send the cables along so we can be sure that problem won't come back to haunt you again. Please check your cables and power supply before assuming the worst.

If you determine that your VTX-100 requires repair, please contact our Repair Centre for a Return Authorization Number (RA#)

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DYNAWAVE Technologies Ltd. provides a 2-year warranty on workmanship from time of purchase for the original owner. If we discover a defect in manufacturing, we will repair or replace components at no charge, as deemed necessary by our in-house Service Manager.

*Please note : the warranty does not cover water damage that destroys components, or obvious physical trauma - including damage to the BNC or SMA connectors due to drops or abuse. When in doubt, consider the Pelican Case warranty : "The guarantee does not cover shark bite, bear attack and children under five."

If you select a local repair technician to work on your product due to an emergency, please understand we cannot guarantee their work. Alterations to the VTX-100 or unauthorized repairs will result in voiding the warranty.

Thank you for your interest in DYNAWAVE Technologies Ltd.

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